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Being in the people sector, it is pertinent that social service organisations move in tandem with changes in society. At a time when Singaporeans are increasingly tech-savvy, it becomes a natural progression for the Children's Social and Emotional Well-being (CSEW) Directory to go online. 

First launched by Singapore Children's Society as a print publication in 2004, the CSEW Directory consolidated programmes and publications targeted at children and their caregivers by local social service organisations. The main objective was to enable social service practitioners and caregivers to seek relevant assistance to enhance the well-being of children. 

In 2007, we published the second print edition. It came as no surprise that there were many changes to the programmes and publications. This is reflective of the dynamic nature of this sector as organisations tailor their services to meet the ever-changing needs of children and their caregivers. 

In 2011, we created this online platform to complement our CSEW Directory. This e-CSEW Directory seeks to reach out to a wider audience and to provide up-to-date information in a timely manner. As a search engine, users can look for what they need with a few keywords, at a time and place most convenient to them. An updated print edition was published in 2013 to remind users of our online presence. 

Other than meeting the needs of children and their caregivers, this e-CSEW Directory also serves as a point of reference for organisations to identify possible gaps in services, in order to plan, develop, and improve on their programmes and publications. 

We hope you will find what you need in this e-CSEW Directory. Happy surfing! 


Koh Choon Hui, PJG JP
Singapore Children’s Society